Preventative Maintenance & Repair

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Preventative Maintenance & Repair

Our team understands that your production equipment is what keeps you in business. When it’s down and out or in need of a tune-up, it affects production, which in turn affects revenue. We’re here to help you find the right tools for the job, or keep your existing equipment up and running properly.

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Pumping Units

Just how tune-ups and oil changes help keep your truck running, maintenance is vital when it comes to keeping your pumping unit in production.

With Acme’s 38-point maintenance service, we inspect fluid levels, check seals and bearings and evaluate every vital piece of your unit to make sure your operation remains safe and productive. At about $175 every six months in preventative maintenance, you can potentially save thousands in costly repairs. Whether it’s preventative or custom maintenance you’€™re looking for, let Acme set up a plan to help keep your production moving forward.

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Heavy Repair

When your service equipment is down, production and revenue can grind to a halt. Acme’€™s experienced team is ready and able to get your equipment back up and running in no time. Our crane and equipment trucks allow us to make your repairs on-location, while our fully-stocked repair facility has everything we need to bring a job in and get it done right.

Light Duty Repair

Not every job requires a 40-ton crane, and Acme’€™s winch/bucket truck allows us a flexible option to service your smaller equipment in less time and, more importantly, for less money. The Acme team is here to help with every job, regardless of size.


You know you need the right equipment on hand if you want to get the job done, and Acme knows that, too. With a wide variety of quality pumping units, our team will help ensure you make the most out of any project.

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