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At Acme, we know talk is cheap. Take a look at some of our past projects, and see how we can elevate your oilfield operations.

Well Development

When one of Acme’s largest customers, Southwest Operating, decided to develop mineral assets held by existing production, a partnership allowed Southwest to focus on stripper well production, while Acme handled the rest. With a drilling rig committed to the project, a standard tank battery design in place and trust in Acme’s new and used pumping unit inventory, Acme moved forward with a 4-well development program for Southwest Operating.

Acme built each location to specs required by the MKS Well Service drilling rig, oversaw tank battery delivery, installation and connectivity and went on to deliver, set and bring all four pumping units into operation. The company aided in production by fabricating tank battery fire tubes at its in-house facility and topped off the job by cleaning and painting all production equipment. Moving forward, all four units will remain on a 6-month service program through Acme’s Servicing Division, AcmeServe, with Acme working as a preferred vendor for Southwest Operating.

The Acme team upheld Southwest Operating’s commitment to low overhead and high efficiency by keeping costs at bay throughout the project. That attention to detail is another example of how Acme helps our customers from the ground up.

Tank Installation

When an East Texas oil company contacted Acme to purchase three refurbished 300 BBL steel tanks, Acme used all of its resources to meet the customer’s needs, from the ground up.

Before the sale took place, Acme sandblasted, coated and painted all three tanks to get them in proper working order. Later, through the use of Acme’s transport/haul truck and 40-ton crane, a roustabout crew delivered the tanks to the project site, where they tied in the tanks and separator.

The work isn’t over yet. The oil company recently commissioned Acme to build a pad, deliver and set a slab and the 228 pumping unit at the job site.

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Disaster Response

When an October 2013 East Texas storm hit during the midnight hour, no one expected the damage it would leave in its wake. A single bolt of lightning resulted in a total loss of one Acme customer’s central production facility and an environmental liability unlike anything most oil and gas professionals will ever see. With Acme’s help, however, teams worked to rebuild from the ground up.

Acme initially responded at 2 a.m. but, by utilizing multiple shifts and nearly all of our staff and equipment, provided 24-hour support through the following days. The team worked directly with state officials to remediate the area to Texas Railroad Commission standards, and then removed the damaged equipment and assessed all remaining equipment — down to half-inch nipples and steel tubing — for integrity. The Acme team then went on to install all of the company’s new equipment.

This four-month project required extensive knowledge, difficult decisions and input from each and every Acme department, but in the end we were proud to transform this catastrophic event into new life for the production package and facility that is the life blood of our customer.

From the Ground Up

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